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 Rivtech Services

Outdoor & Indoor Private / Public Events & Movie Nights

We give you 3 hours of viewing time for your event/movie. If you want to have more viewing time, you can have it at an hourly rate. We offer single events. Series events and fundraiser / school events at a discounted rate.
For a 9’ Screen
  • A-frame 13.5' x 11' x 6' inflatable frame stand-alone screen clearance requirements:
  • 11 ft height
  • 14 ft width
  • 6.5 ft deep
For a 12’ Screen (coming soon)
  • A-frame 16' x 12' x 7' inflatable frame stand-alone screen clearance requirements:
  • 12.75 ft height
  • 16 ft width
  • 7.5 ft deep
For a 16’ Screen
  • A-frame 20' x 14.6' x 7.75' inflatable frame stand-alone screen clearance requirements:
  • 15 ft height
  • 21 ft width
  • 8 ft deep
FM Transmitter: $75.00

Backyard parties just got very exciting with our new concept that we bring to New Jersey! Turn your backyard into an outdoor Backyard Drive-in movie party for kids and adults of all ages! The possibilities are endless! Drive-in Pool Party Without the car! Why not cool off on those warm summer nights and host a poolside movie party with RIVTECH PORTABLE CINEMAS. Let us create an easy and fun kids party or backyard party for you on our OPEN AIR CINEMA Inflatable movie screens. We also can provide DJ services upon request (separate pricing).
  • Our OPEN AIR CINEMA inflatable movie screens are extremely versatile and can be used for: XBOX
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Playstation3
  • Dance parties and Karaoke Parties.
Watch All the Big Games like Football, Baseball, and other sporting events on our OPEN AIR CINEMA SCREENS! All you need to do is Invite your friends, sit back relax and enjoy the party.
  • Our Outdoor & Indoor Event Packages Includes:
  • Complete outdoor movie Set-up, delivery and removal.
  • OPEN AIR CINEMA Inflatable movie screen.
  • SONY DVP-FX820 Portable DVD Player
  • SANYO Digital projector for amazing picture quality

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