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 Rivtech FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time should the movie begin?
Usually 45 minutes after sunset is perfect timing; but it’s up to you. Sunset times for your city are available at www.weather.com. Enter your zip code and look for Averages & Records (a red-orange tab, middle of the page). Then click on the month and look for the Sunset column. Remember, June has the longest daytimes. In late June, films may not begin until 9:30. In July, 9pm. In August, 8:30pm. In September, 8pm.
If timing is the issue and you don’t mind that the first 20 minutes of the film aren’t perfectly visible, we’ll begin early. If you want to wait until image is at its best, plan on waiting another 20 minutes. If you’re showing a bright film such as Toy Story (animated films are typically brighter), you can start earlier than if you show Ghostbusters, which is darker.
Is there a Rain Date guarantee?
Can I reschedule if the weather forecast is bad for my dates?
How far must the projector be from the screen?
How heavy are your screens, will they damage the grass?
Can you setup your screen on pavement or cement, or does it have to be on the grass?
How well can your screens handle the wind?
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